Scope of the project included Demolition, Concrete, Framing, Millwork, Exterior Cladding, Finishes, Mechanical, HVAC, and plumbing within an area of 3000 sq. Ft.

Challenges and Solutions:

    • Compressed schedule
    • Increased material lead time
    • Covid-19 added restrictions to the work schedule which had to be managed resulting in additional administrative work
    • Site Conditions: One of the buildings under our scope had BC Hydro’s overhead energized 3 phase primary lines hindering exterior cladding work. Dawn Construction had to coordinate with WorkSafeBC and BC Hydro to re-route the cable temporarily to proceed with the Exterior cladding work. This was an unexpected addition to the project and significantly challenged the schedule.

Completion Date: July 2021

Client review:
Dawn Construction’s efficient handling of the project ensured that the project was completed on schedule and within budget satisfying all the stakeholders

“Special thanks to Steven Carter, Ali Tabatabaei, and Helena Veikle for overlooking the project and making it a success.”