Images provided by Miza Architects

The main scope of this project for Coquitlam Firefighters was focused around the new architectural woodwork, shelving and appliances, but the scope also included new flooring, wall finishes and also updated Gas line and Lighting fixtures.

The work within the Fire Hall space was a very sensitive environment, which required a good Covid protocol and this was seamlessly achieved by our excellent site supervision.

The biggest challenge was the Architectural woodwork schedule. The shop drawings approval process, material ordering, cabinetry fabrication and installation required a thorough detailed work planning and close collaboration with the architect and fabricator.

For the 2 month project duration, this wasn’t an easy task, but we have delivered the project within the required timeline and to the client’s satisfaction.

Designer: Miza Architects

Owner:  City of Coquitlam

Location:  1300 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam

Completion: March 2021, then flooring redone December 2021